Ultrasphere - now manufactured by Hichrom Limited
Manufacturer of HPLC columns

Hichrom Limited: Manufacturer of the Ultrasphere® HPLC Range.

Hichrom Limited acquired the complete Ultrasphere HPLC column consumable product line from Beckman Coulter in 2010. Following the acquisition, Hichrom continues to manufacture the full range of genuine columns and media to the same exacting manufacturing protocols and specifications.


Although Ultrasphere products are no longer available from Beckman Coulter, the genuine products are still available from the manufacturer Hichrom Limited and Hichrom’s authorised global distributor network. Please contact Hichrom to confirm your authorised local distributor.

Ultrasphere phases:

  • Genuine Ultrasphere products
  • 3um and 5um spherical porous silica
  • High reproducibility, narrow particle size distribution
  • Wide range of column dimensions
  • Widely referenced silica

Ultrasphere was one of the earliest commercially available spherical silicas. Ultrasphere columns remain widely referenced within both industry and academia and are recognised to provide excellent chromatographic performance. Five phases (C18, C8, CN, Si and IP) and two particle sizes (3um and 5um) are available.

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